Am Ch. Devonshires Huckleberry Finn (Specialty Winner)

Finishing GGLRC weekend Winners Dog, Best of Winners under

Breeder Judge Andrew Metcalfe UK, Oct 2016

LRC of Potomac third in Stud Dog, Beth Sweigart, April 2016

LRC of Potomac Reserve Winners Dog, Sergio Scarpellini, April 2016

RCLRC Supported Entry WD Major, Pat Collom (Windrose) Jan 2016

PSLRA Specialty Winners Dog & Jam 2015 Major,Pauline Mortier


PSLRA Supported Entry January 2015 - Winners Dog 5 point Major

Sire of Specialty Winners, American, Canadian & European Champions, Service Dogs & Hunting Titled Dogs.


  1. -OFA Hips Good LR-213062G24-VPI

  2. -OFA Elbows  LR-EL66512M24-VPI

  3. -Heart Color Doppler Normal

  4. -Eyes Cleared Annually / Normal

  5. -EIC Clear

  6. -PRA Clear/Normal

  7. -HNPK Normal / Clear

  8. -RD1 Gene Normal / Clear

  9. -CMN Clear

  10. -Long Coat Gene Clear

  11. -Dilute Gene Clear - Pure for Labrador

  12. -DOB 02/11/2013

Show Record

  1. -Judges Award of Merit SJVLRC

  Joan Saldana March 2017

  1. -Judges Award of Merit SJVLRC

  Jerry Saldana March 2017

  1. -GGLRC weekend Winners Dog, BOW

Andrew Metcalfe UK, Oct 2016

  1. -GGLRC weekend 2nd Open Yellow, Sharon Celentano, USA, Oct 2016

  2. -GGLRC weekend 2nd Open Yellow, Gary Johnson UK, Oct 2016

  3. -2nd Open Yellow, PSLRA Specialty, Nancy Arbuckle, USA, August 2016

  4. -1st Open Yellow, RCLRC Specialty, Michael Silva USA, July 2016

  5. -2nd Open Yellow, RCLRC Specialty, Jill DeGisre USA,  July 2016

  6. -RWD LRC of Potomac Specialty, Sergio Scarpellini Italy, April 14,2016

  7. -1st Open Yellow, CCLRC Specialty, Diann Sullivan Cedarwood,  Mar 2016

  8. -2nd Open Yellow, SJLRC Specialty, Julie Bedford NZ, Mar 2016

  9. -2nd Open Yellow, SJLRC Specialty, Karen Helmers (Paradoc’s) Mar 2016

  10. -4 Point Major, Winners Dog, Rose City Supported Entry, Pat Collom (Windrose) USA Januray 2016

  11. -RWD Major, PSLRA Supported Entry, Puyallup Valley Cluster, Sherry Anderston (Sher-Mi) January 2016

  12. -Judges Award of Merit, Winners Dog

PSLRA Specialty, Pauline Mortier (Lubberline) USA August 2015

  1. -PSLRA Supported Entry WD 5 point Major Jan 2015

  2. -1st Open Yellow Rose City LRC, Michael Woods (Waterdog) USA July 2015

  3. -1st Open Yellow SJLRC Susan Williumsen(Willcare) USA, March 2015

  4. -2nd Open Yellow SJLRC Philippe Lammens(Misty Dreams) Belgium, March 2015

  5. -2nd Open Yellow CCLRC Tom Shearer (Bonaventure) USA, March 2015

  6. -1st Open Yellow, Seattle KC under

  Breeder Judge Michael Faulkner

  1. -WD Covered Bridge Albany, Feb 2015

  2. -5 Point Major WD PSLRA Supported Entry Jan 2015

  3. -1st 15-18 mon RCLRC Sweeps 2014

  4. -1st 15-18 mon Regular RCLRC 2014 Linda Bednarski

  5. -2nd 15-18 mon RCLRC Sweeps 2014

  6. -2nd 15-18 mon Regular RCLRC 2014  Lori Bentine

  7. -1st 12-15 mon LRC Potomac 2014, Giuseppe Masia, Italty

  8. -1st LRC National 2013 Puppy dog 6-9 Sweeps

  9. -2nd LRC National 2013 Puppy dog 6-9 Regular

Huck Wins his 12-15 month class at the LRC of Potomac

& makes it down to the last cut and final six males in the ring for Winners dog.

Click to see Huck in for Winners Dog at the Potomac

Huck’s Pedigree

Huck As He Grew (6 months)

Huck’s Sister Am Ch. Edensgate Norma Jean

Specialty Winners Bitch and BOS

Sweepstakes Winner

Norma takes 2nd in 12-15 mon class at LRC of Potomac 2014

under Judith Charlton, UK

Hucks Mother Am Ch Devonshires Wildberry Zinger, POE

Hucks Grandmother Am Ch Devonshires Darjeeling, DEE DEE


Young Huck

LRC of Potomac Specialty 2016 - Reserve Winners Dog (2 pics below)